Top 7 Affordable Marketing Strategies for any T-Shirt Business


With the expansion in internet technology, it’s become quite easier to launch a t-shirt business. However, that doesn’t mean your business will be successful overnight.

The lesser hurdles to entry also signify that the struggle to achieve victory is fierce, so you need to stand out in the crowd to grab user attention. You need to ensure that your brand is visible to your potential clients.

When people recognize the quality of your products, they will certainly prefer your products over others and also help in spreading it wide.

There are several techniques to enhance the visibility of your t shirt printing business. And if you want these tactics to be productive, you need to employ them accurately to leave a great impression on your potential customers.

We are sharing 7 of such techniques that will surely help you in expanding your custom t-shirts business to reach your goals.

T-Shirt Industry is Huge

If you have an online t-shirt printing or custom t-shirts business, you have chosen the right direction. According to a report by Credence Research, by the year 2025, this sector is anticipated to be worth over $10 billion. Furthermore, the industry witnessed a 6.3% growth rate from 2017.

There are several shreds of evidence that prove the worth of the t-shirt market and it will be trending in the coming years as well.

Branding t-shirts – Such types of t-shirts are perfect for organizations to promote their brand. Also, you can take the help of designing agencies such as Designhill to create a perfect design for your branding t-shirt.

Trendy t-shirts – T-shirts that allow consumers to show their love for their favorite TV, cartoon, sports teams, movies, and social causes. Also, a t-shirt maker tool can help you to create a personalized design for your t-shirt.

Fashion t-shirts – T-shirts that create unique style statements.

Team spirit t-shirts – Such types of t-shirts are perfect to promote company culture.

Promotional t-shirts – Such t-shirts can be given to your clients or potential customers for promotions.

Top 7 Affordable Marketing Strategies for any T-Shirt Business

You have your t-shirt business with amazing collections, but how will you promote your t-shirt business to make your brand a great success.

Here we have shared 7 affordable marketing strategies for any t-shirt business:

1. Decide who is  your target audience

Know your target audience- whether they are businesses, college students, sports teams, or moms?

If you are not aware of your target audience, then it’s high time to find out. Each age group has different demands, preferences, and pain points. For example, a sports team may have bulk orders for you whereas a business may have a constant stream of orders.

Furthermore, you can do online research to get useful information regarding your target audience. Examine their website and social media profiles and pages. Also, you can directly contact them to know their needs and preferences.

Here are some ways to perform audience analysis:

– Perform customer surveys

– Analyze your social media statistics

– Join social media groups and forums 

– Have a strong command over quora

After gathering information from various platforms, you can transform it into an engaging product that will satisfy the demands of your target audiences.

2. Design a Blog

If you are into online t-shirt selling, it’s obvious that you already have an e-commerce site. However, to stand out in the competition and to rank high on search engine result pages you will need something more. And by “more” we mean designing a blog.

Blogging does not only help to enhance the online visibility of your brand but also brings more and more visitors to your website. Also, it’s easy as well as economical to get started.

3. Share Valuable and Engaging Content

When it’s about sharing content with your readers, it should not be something random that comes into your mind. You need to create helpful as well as engaging content for your readers.

You need to perform proper keyword research before curating content for your blog. You can then add these phrases strategically into your content that people are typing during their Google searches.

Apart from articles, you can also share videos and infographics that are significant to your audience. Videos of various t-shirt styles can do better than just normal images. Such type of content can drastically boost your conversions.

4. Utilize Social Media Platforms

You can maintain a great connection with potential as well as existing customers through social media platforms.

Social media is not only helpful in getting useful insight related to your business but it’s also economical as it’s completely free to participate and join social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Create social media profiles and pages for your brand and make sure that they are branded consistently. This means you need to ensure that you have used the same logo, exact business description, and integrate your pages with your website.

You can share your blog or website content through your social profiles, but you need to stress mainly on engaging users in multiple ways. You can join groups, participate in discussions, provide useful information, and promote user-generated content.

5. Create a List

You can’t overlook the significance of email marketing for a business. Email marketing is one of the most efficient methods to increase your sales.

You can build an email list through your blog, social media pages, or website. You can hold your potential customer or existing customer through your engaging emails. And luckily, it’s also very cost-effective.

You can start your email marketing campaign for free with MailChimp. However, your email list should be smaller than 2000 names, and there is a particular limit to send emails monthly. Furthermore, you can customize your marketing effort with list segmentation.

6. Give Special Discounts to Clients

Everybody loves discounts and sales! When it’s about online shopping, everybody wants some discount or money off on their purchase. This could be a bonus point that turns a window shopper into a buyer.

You can share the latest deals and discounts through your email marketing campaigns to notify people on your list about exclusive offers. Furthermore, you can share these discount coupons with your social media followers as well. Also, you can offer coupons to the returning visitors to your website.

Apart from discount coupons, you can offer other discounts such as Buy 2, get 2, Free shipping, and many more.

7. Target Locally

You can’t be famous and successful overnight. One of the mantras to achieve success is to identify the ways to reach out to the local market first and then grow from there.

Design and print t-shirts for clubs, charity groups, sports teams, hospitals and understand your potential customers.

As you impress them with the top-quality fabric, print, and great services, you will notice that word of mouth promotion will bring more and more new clients.

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