Top 5 Best IPL Fantasy Cricket Apps


Fantasy cricket Application may be a growing business with many applications popping out each month however not each single application may survive the competition. solely some applications have with success overcome all the challenges and are presently well-liked among fantasy game players. Here are the highest 5 fantasy cricket applications.

Dream 11

Probably, the most important and therefore the better of all, Dream11 has been around for a protracted time currently, and their ennobling path is a lot of sort of a study material for many of the fantasy cricket applications nowadays. The App has the most effective program, loads of contests with a large pool of money prize. the method is sleek and is incredibly engaging.

Founded in 2008, Dream 11 has quite ten large integer users, and that they recently went on to sponsor the thirteenth edition of the Indian Premier League.

Referral Bonus: you will earn Rs a hundred each time you with success refer Dream 11 to an exponent. there is conjointly a Sign-up bonus that varies time-to-time.

My Circle 11

My Circle entered the fantasy solely recently however is already a giant competition to Dream 11. My Circle has created some innovations to the standard fantasy game that became a giant hit. Also, the App had roped in marquee cricketers like Sourav Ganguly, Rashid Khan and Shane Watson United Nations agency has contended a significant role within the rise of the recognition.

Talking regarding the innovations, My Circle eleven, not like Dream 11, has minimum restrictions once it involves the team choice. In Dream 11, one should have 3 batsmen and 3 bowlers within the team combination, however in My Circle eleven, the minimum choose starts from one. Also, the App encompasses a game mode known as “Beat the expert” wherever you may go head to move with the cricketer’s team.

Referral Bonus: The App offers Rs five hundred for each palmy referral and conjointly provides a money bonus for brand spanking new sign-up.

My Team 11

Founded in 2016, My Team eleven is consistently within the rise. they need fully grown well in recent times and even went on to sponsor for India-West Indies series in 2019. the appliance has quite fifteen million users presently.

The best a part of the appliance is their client service. except that, the app offers a dual-language mode, that has created the App even a lot of habit-forming. The program is sensible, and therefore the App provides 2 totally different ways of play- Regular and Safe mode.

Referral Bonus: you may get Rs one thousand and your friend will get Rs a hundred for each palmy referral.


One of the foremost recently supported Apps, Ballebaazi presently has quite 1,000,000 users. The stand-out feature of the App is that the totally different fantasy contest they supply. There ar “Batting fantasy” and “Bowling fantasy” except regular fantasy cricket.

In the Batting Fantasy, you may be choosing five players at intervals a budget of forty-five. The points are going to be provided supported the batting performance of the players.

The Bowling fantasy is that the same because the Batting Fantasy, but here, the points are going to be provided supported the bowling performance of the players.

Referral Bonus: you may earn Rs fifty for each palmy referral. Also, by victimisation the code FREE100, you may get a signup bonus of Rs a hundred.


Founded in 2015, Nostagamus is thought for the variability of sports they supply as well as court game and Ping-Pong. The App speed is fast and therefore the interface is simple yet.

Another major feature of the App is that the Prediction game except the conventional fantasy. within the Prediction Game, you may be asked to answer straightforward multiple-choice queries like “Who will score more?”, “Number of boundaries that may be scored within the match”, etc. there will be twelve queries, and you may be awarded points supported the correct answer. the sport is habit-forming compared to the conventional fantasy game.

Referral Bonus: you may get Rs fifty with each palmy Sign-up.

Hidden Tips & Tricks:

Before coming with your squad, you should analyze the pitch report before. It is a crucial factor that can help you Win dream11 grand league. You should also go through pitch reports on Google and search for sites offering any such details. You can also read dream11 prediction if you are looking for the best prediction on Dream11 matches.

With more than 10 crore players, Dream11 is the largest Fantasy sports platform in India and is currently acting as the prototype for the other sports app that are coming into reality almost every new week. Thus, there is a lot of contest in Dream11, one must know how to play the match right.

The most key thing one must keep in mind is that you should not go on to play a game if you have no idea about it as you might end up losing cash. You must know about the competitors, the conditions, and the pitch report before getting into any of the games as that will put you at the safer side.

As mentioned before, you must have a sure idea about the on-going contest. You must try to follow the news report about the players, and you can very well do your examination on sites like ESPN Cricinfo. For example, some players might have a weak record at a specific venue, and at times, the pitch would support the spinners or the pacers more. You must choose your team accordingly as numbers like this will affect the result as well.

While collecting the team, you can see the collection percentage of players. This is where your study will come in handy. You can go with one or two lesser chosen players based on their history at a specific venue or against the specific team.

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