The Black Magic Of Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple is the main attraction for tourists visiting Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. It attracts devotees from all across India and even from abroad. The temple complex was built almost 500 years back by the Hindu saints and priests as a temple to serve the Lord. It has four Ganges statues and many other devotees worship at the four holy places. There are many stories related to Lord Vishnu and his attributes, his loyal soldiers, and his loyal subjects who fought against the demon Narakasura.

Kamakhya Temple is considered to be the largest amongst all the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in Varanasi. According to Hindu legend, Lord Shiva performed kamakhya (or the divine sacrifice) at this temple so that he could stop the fierce elephants from trampling down his devotees. Another tradition relates that Lord Shiva performed kamakhya at this temple so that he could protect the Brahma temple from being attacked by the army of the Licchavis.

 As a result, all the elephants turned to worship at this temple and the flow of water was stopped. Kamakhya Temple is popularly known as “Kamakhya temples” or “Queen of all worships”. 

It is located at Guwahati in Assam. This sacred temple gets dedicate to the various tantric goddesses, most especially to the ones associated with Ayurveda. This particular temple also has an interesting background.

Ambiance Of kamakhya Temple –

The ambiance in the ambit of the kamakhya temple is very serene and peaceful that it is assumed to be the best time to visit the region. It is the best time to visit to enjoy the scenic beauty and the lovely landscape of Ladakh. The climate of the region is substandard and it is monsoon season which makes it perfect to collect nature’s beauty during this season.

Hotels In Kamakhya Temple – 

The Kashi souk is one of the best places to shop for decorative items. the prices of hotels are affordable and the services are excellent. These hotels are situated at various important locations including the kamakhya temple address, Mehtab Darshan address, Mehtab Bagh, Banaras address, Manali address, etc. The guests can also try out the delicious cuisine of Ladakh in these hotels.

The price is comparatively lower and you will get good quality at the bargain price. Some of the common things that you will find are handicrafts, textiles, cotton, silk, jute, and kamakh (a plant used for medicinal purposes). The Kashi souk is the only place from where you can purchase kamakh and at reasonable prices. 

Beauty Of Kamakhya Temple – 

There are some of the most beautiful gardens in the world; you can also see different kinds of fauna and flora inside the temple complex. There are some exotic species of birds and mammals as well. In order to see the whole sprawling garden, it is best to visit during the monsoon season The huge variety of flowers and trees will fascinate you.

If you like collecting jewelry, then visiting the Sam Sand Dunes or the Golden Forts will be the best places to collect them Every year in Janmashtami (Hindu day of fame and honor), a huge mob of Hindu devotees gather at the sand dunes to offer obeisance to the idol and pray for his auspicious return. In the past, the Sam Sand Dunes was used as a crossing for the cattle and wild camels; but now, the sands are made into a beautiful temple complex.

Other places to visit near Kamakhya Temple – 

Another popular attraction is the Himachal Pradesh State Park; here you can see a large number of tourist attractions such as the Shanti Stupa and the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. It is believed that the goddess of wealth visited this place with her consort Subhadra; hence, the park is called Shanti Stupa. The Shanti Stupa is built up around a particular building which is believed to have been built by Subhadra and thereafter dedicated by Jiva. Every year, devotees come from far and wide to pay their respects at this shrine and pray for the happiness of their family.

If you want to visit the holy land of Jerusalem, the best time to visit is between May and September. The weather is pleasant and the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher is insight. Visit Somnath temple before visiting Kamakhya temple for a memorable experience. In short, India offers you a variety of tourist spots to visit and explore so pick and choose the best time to visit each and every place.

Story Of Kamakhya Temple – 

The temple was established by a priest named Nanda, who did not carry out any rituals but rather made arrangements for animal sacrifices. A story goes that he went to fetch water from the river Ganges and was welcomed by a bird who offered him, sweets.

The bird offered him the nectar, which was procured by drinking the water from the sacred river Ganges. Some years later, Nanda built the grand kamakhya temple on the spot where he believed that he would be worshiped by elephants. Some centuries later, the region was converted into a city and the temple built there. It had been believed that the grand kamakhya temple had been built by Ajatsatru, a prominent sage of that era. However, it was only after the independence of India that the temple was built by the British.

A special ritual is conducted in Kamakhya Temple in the morning where the devotee arrives early, performs the ‘Bhakti’ ceremony, and then proceeds to carry the ‘Bhakti’ to the main altar where the lord is believed to be present. This is also known as the ‘Magh Mela’. Another important ceremony takes place where devotees feed flowers and plants to the kamakhya temple animals and perform ‘Panchkarma’. The flowers and plants are believed to remove the negative energies from the animals and hence, they are believed to receive good health from this.

There is also a practice called ‘Shodh’ performed at the kamakhya temple where the offerings are offered to the goddess of knowledge. The ‘Shodh’ is conducted after the dedicating of the main temple, where the lord’s statue is seated. The ‘Shodh’ is believed to purify all the devotees and to bless them to acquire knowledge. If a father insults his daughter and intends to divorce her, the whole temple complex will experience a heavy flow of negative vibrations (caused by the son’s disobedience towards the mother).

Timings Of Kamakhya Temple – 

8:00a.m. to 12:00a.m.

2:30p.m. to 4:30p.m.

The entry fee for Kamakhya Temple is free. 

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