Skip Fancy Dinner Dates: 8 Fun Alternative Ways To Spend Valentines Day In Dublin

Valentines Day In Dublin

And just like that, the first month of 2021 has finally bid adieu. In just a few days, it’s going to be February, a.k.a “the lovers’ month”. It’s that time of the year when lovebirds take over the streets, restaurants, hotels, malls, and parks. It’s that time of the year when it’s valid (and not cringy) to display affection in public. It’s that time of the year when couples shower each other with gifts to show their love. 

Have you already planned you and your partner’s Valentine’s Day? If you’re in Dublin Ireland, consider yourself lucky. You’ll be spoiled with a couple of V-day ideas that are anything but predictable. 

Skip the traditional, boring, and overpriced candlelit dinner. Make this year’s Valentine’s day in Dublin extra special by checking out these fun V-day ideas you and your beloved will surely enjoy. 

1. Skip Hotels: Book a Serviced Apartment

So the major hotels in Dublin are all fully booked? Fret not — you can always book a serviced apartment. We’ve got serviced apartments in Ballbridge, Leeson Street, Sandyford, and basically all around Dublin.

Serviced apartments are generally bigger than average hotel rooms for a similar price. They’re also equipped with homey features, like a kitchen, dining area, and living room, but are furnished like a luxury suite. Serviced apartments are perfect for longer stays, just in case you and your partner want to extend your Valentine’s Day celebration. 

2. Forget Steak And Wine: Go For Burgers And Beer

Forget boring candlelit dinners that are more expensive than your groceries for two weeks. Why not have burgers and pints of beer? Like you and your partner, these two are a match made in heaven. Dublin has a plethora of great places to choose from. 

One of the best places is Bunsen. It’s a no-frIlls burger restaurant that serves the best burgers in the city (as claimed by the locals). They also have yummy milkshakes, if alcoholic beverages aren’t your thing.

3. Watch pulsating Live performances From Talented Musicians

Irish musicians are some of the best in the world. The good news is you don’t need to buy expensive tickets to watch them live. You’ll see them performing in the streets or a busy bar. 

For traditional Irish music, you can find sessions in pubs all over Dublin, including Hughes and The Cobblestone. If you’re in Grafton street and the Temple Bar district, you may also be lucky to catch talented buskers.   

4. Visit The St. Valentine Shrine At The Carmelite Church

If you’re in Dublin this Valentine’s day, it makes perfect sense to visit Saint Valentine himself, who is commemorated every 14th of February. The Carmelite Church at the Whitefriar Street is home to the shrine of Saint Valentine, which contains his remains. 

5. Work Together To get out of Escape Rooms

If you and your S.O. love thrilling games, then why not try escape rooms? These are rooms where you’re locked in, usually for 60 minutes, and you need to solve a couple of puzzles to escape. You can choose from different themed escape rooms, including horror-themed ones with actors and creepy props. Can you handle the challenge? 

6. Goodbye Netflix: Hello Drive-in Cinemas

If you’re sick of streaming Netflix for months (thanks to the pandemic!) but you’re also paranoid about watching a movie in a cramped theater, we’ve got an exciting solution for you: a drive-in cinema. There’s a couple of them around the city. 

Drive-in movies are like “movies in the park” but this time, moviegoers are asked to stay in their cars at all times. Isn’t it a perfect idea for a romantic date? You can watch movies on a big screen but with extra safety and privacy. 

7. Have a Museum Date in Dublin

If you both love art and history, perhaps a museum date makes a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. Dublin, the Irish capital, has a wealth of museums and art galleries that are worth discovering. 

We’ve got the National Museum of Ireland Natural History in Merrion Square, and the National Museum of Ireland Archaeology in Kildare Street. If you’re a lover of art, you may check out the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) and Hugh Lane Gallery for classic and contemporary collections. For literature buffs, Dublin also has Dublin Writers Museum and Chester Beatty Library. The Little Museum, on the other hand, is for history geeks who want to learn more about the story of Dublin and its people. 

8. Stroll Along The Love Lane

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be splashing out cash. You can have a great time with your lover for free. 

One of the best things to do in Dublin is to wander down Love Lane, an area that links Dame Street and Temple Bar. Just pass the time reading all the romantic quotes that grace the wall.. while walking hand-in-hand with your Valentine, of course. 

Go on a street photography spree too. Temple Bar and Dame Street are picturesque spots that are worthy to be in your IG feed. You can also check out the quirky shops, art galleries, restaurants, and other attractions in the area. 

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