Futuristic Technological Innovations to Make Your Life Easier

Futuristic Technological

Technology is the future as some might say, and as many sci-fi blockbusters seem to suggest. However, real technologies are being developed for average users to bridge the gap between reality and science fiction. We already use some of these technologies that are futuristic in their potential for applications. 

Some examples are smart home devices that run on IoT technology and utilize AI to organize data and perform intelligently. Smart apps that use AI and predictive analytics to help you make investment decisions are another such product of these technologies. Still, there is much more that technology is enabling us to do, and here we will sample a few such innovations that will make you say, the future has just begun. 

Finger Print Activated Credit Cards

Designed by Jacob Palmborg, this futuristic credit card will really be an RFID enabled device that integrates your bank information and can display financial information in one place. It will be AI-powered and can even make a financial prediction about probable outcomes. It can also double up as your student ID, passport and driver’s license. 

For enhanced security, no data is stored on the device, and it is fingerprint activated. This ensures complete security for the user and provides a great deal of privacy and does away with most of the tasks involved in handling these sensitive documents. Even if you lose it, no one can access anything because it works with your fingerprint and it integrates many documents into a single place to make things even easier for you. 

Futuristic Expandable Ambulances with Ejector Seats

Developed as part of a UK project, called ‘Healthcare on the Move: The Smart Pods Project,’ these futuristic ambulance vehicles will be equipped with a removable shell that can slide off the primary vehicle and expand the space available for treatment for long periods. 

The concept vehicles were even equipped with ejector seats to launch fully equipped paramedics on the spot treatment in hard to access locations. 

Then, this Blue-Sky Project added the capability to go as fast off-road as they can go on the road. Such innovative concepts will make it easier for ambulances to reach where they need to in lesser time and bring treatment to the patient instead of taking time to bring in a patient for treatment and lose time in the process. 

Micro lending Credit Cards

Kiva.org is a leading microfinance site that partnered with Advanta Bank, known as the largest issuer of credit cards to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the US. The credit cards issued in partnership lets lenders offer Kiva grants using the card with greater ease. 

On top of it, when a lender offers grant using Kiva card, Advanta doubles the grant, upto $200 per month. It is a business credit card, but those who do not own a business are also eligible to apply. More innovative lending solutions are needed for those looking for the debt consolidation loan for bad credit with no guarantor and other borrowing needs with bad credit.

Microfinance is taking off in a big way, and technology-driven solutions will pave the way for more individuals to become entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to grow small businesses. This is the way for economies to grow in future and technology is already showing us the way. 

Hitachi Steering Wheel Finger Vein Scanner

Hitachi developed this Finger vein authentication system that would help prevent unauthorized access and use of the vehicle. The vehicle would first authenticate the user by scanning the finger vein pattern via steering wheel to work for theft prevention. It is meant to save users from unauthorized ‘on-vehicle credit settlement’ by taking illegal vehicle possession due to problems in repayment of debts. 

Apart from enhanced security, the system also offers advanced usability with an interior designed for greater comfort. It provides personalized seat positioning, air conditioner settings, improved audio equipment and car navigation system operability. What if someone asks a friend or family member to drive? 

To accommodate multiple user needs, it would scan the store finger vein pattern of several authenticated users, including many family members and friends who might need to have access when needed. 

Eye Passwords for Enhanced Security

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a technique to use ‘eye passwords’ that can simply be entered into the system by only looking at the right keys and holding their gaze a little for their lock-in choices. The Eye-tracking technology has slower input time, but it enhances security a great deal by making it nearly impossible for anyone trying to ‘shoulder surf’ your passwords or eavesdropping without your knowledge. 

It is also admittedly meant for people too lazy to type and who knows if tomorrow you might not only be entering passwords this way. But a poet would be writing poems without the need to lift their finger to type and merely looking at the keyboard to express their thoughts and feelings. These technologies can be used to enhance security and ease of writing at all levels. 

Fire-Resistant NanoLoft Takibi Blankets

Snow Peak, a famous Japanese brand involved in designing outdoor apparels, came together with Portland-based sustainable brand Rumpl to create a smart fire safety solution with NanoLoft Takibi blankets. These premium fire-resistant blankets use post-consumer recycled NanoLoft insulation by Rumpl and recycled ripstop by Snow Peak and fire-resistant aramid material. 

This blanket is a sleek solution for camping by the fire where you can wrap it up and keep warm by the fire without having to worry about the blanket catching fire. One can also wrap the blanket and secure it with Rumpl’s classic cape clip to ensure it stays in place. 

It is a great sustainable solution to keep campers and campaigners safe and enhance their comfort levels. It is an example of how important sustainability is in developing any solutions and how creative thinking can create sleek solutions for fire safety in an eco-friendly manner. 


Technology and innovation go hand in hand to create solutions for future needs. Society needs to adopt useful, sustainable solutions and make space for more to be done less time and using fewer resources. Merely doing things faster or easier for its fun cannot be the end-users of technology. 

It must enhance efficiency, security, and productivity and offer sustainable solutions to preserve natural resources for future generations. Greater stress on the combination of sustainability and innovation needs to drive technology evolution for the future.

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