What is Fmovies?

Fmovies Alternative Website for watching Free Movies

Looking for the best free movies streaming service? We have just the right website for you. Fmovies is a popular movies streaming site that offers free access to thousands of movies and TV shows online for its users.

Watching Movies and TV shows online allows you to have unlimited fun while sitting at your home. You can quite literally get access to thousands of movies and TV shows, using online movies streaming services.

There is a wide range of free as well as paid websites for movies out there, that you can use on your mobile phone or your PC. Although the use of paid websites is highly recommended, you can also go for the free ones if you can’t afford to pay monthly subscription fees for paid movies websites.

Fmovie is the most renowned name in the free Movie website world. This site is a great choice for people who want a simple and free way of watching movies and web series.

Let’s dig in a little deeper and learn more about Fmovie and its best alternatives in 2021

Fmovies – Best Website for Streaming Movies for Free

Fmovie is an awesome website for streaming latest as well as all time classic movies and TV shows. This site is free and doesn’t cost you anything for streaming online. Unlike most free streaming services, Fmovie is great in terms of UI design as well as the overall streaming features that it has to offer.

This site is quite popular among the users for the streaming quality and easy navigation features that it has to offer. In fact, this is the main reason why it became so popular in the first place.

All this sounds amazing but, this is just one side of the story.

Fmovies Alternative Websites for Watching HD Movies for Free

Fmovie offers movies and TV shows for free, it doesn’t have the rights to make this content available without permission. In simpler terms, this site offers you pirated movies and TV shows. The movies and TV shows that are on this site are copyrighted and their free distribution is illegal.

Distribution of pirated content is not new. Almost all free online streaming services have pirated content. Using this kind of content has serious legal implications.

Google has been taking action against streaming services that offer illegal and pirated content. Many online streaming services have already been taken down in the past few months. It is quite possible that Fmovie is also going to go down soon.

If you love watching movies and TV shows online for free, you need to start looking for Fmovie alternatives that you can use when the site goes down.

We have gathered together a comprehensive list of free as well as paid websites that you can use instead of Fmovie for watching movies.

Disclaimer – We do not encourage the use of pirated content in any form. We understand that piracy is a crime and is punishable under the Terms of 1957 piracy act. We are sharing this information to raise awareness against piracy and to warn you to not get involved in it.

  1. YoMovies

 YoMovies is a popular Hollywood and Bollywood movies website. This site has a major collection of free movies and TV shows stuff that you can check out here 24/7. It is one of the best free sources for movies because it works amazingly well on smartphone devices too.

If you are looking for a top-rated service to use in the place of Fmovies, we recommend you try out the YoMovies website.

  1. BMovies

 This website is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a hassle-free way of streaming the shows of their choice. We like movies bmovies because there is no registration requirement with the use of this free Movies website.

We have tried using this website on various network speeds and on different devices, it offers a safe streaming experience on all these platforms. There are a lot of ads on BMovies but you can get rid of them using some sort of adblocker extension for a chrome web browser.

  1. GoStream

GoStream enhances the user experience for its users by offering them a better and more interactive mobile streaming interface. We recommend this platform for you if you like to stream movies and TV shows on your phone. GoStream comes with a vast collection of TV shows and latest movies that are all available here on this site for free. The interface of this website is intuitive and makes the search for latest movies extremely simpler for the user.

  1. PopcronFlix


PopcornFlix is an excellent alternative for paid streaming services. There is a huge community of people who watch movies online, who love the quality of services that this platform has to offer. It takes the user experience to a whole new level. With this website, you get to stream all the movies and TV shows in HD streaming quality. In fact, this is what makes this site stand out from other free movies streaming websites.

  1. YifyMovies

If you are looking for a free movie streaming service that doesn’t have a lot of ads, you need to check out YifyMovies. With this website, you get multiple streaming channels for all the shows and you can stream your favourite content, without much hassle. All the latest movies and TV shows are displayed on the homepage, which makes the search process much easier for the user.

  1. TubiTV

 TubiTV is a free streaming service for movies and TV shows. It has a huge collection of Hollywood movies that you can stream using this website for free. This website has a neat looking user interface and the design approach for this website makes the process of streaming, simpler and fun for the user. There are amazing streaming features that this site offers, which are hard to find in most free online Movies platforms.

  1. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is one of the platforms that have a friendly user interface. The UI has been designed to facilitate the user experience for people of all age groups. And it is because this site is for everyone. There is Action, Comedy, Mystery genre shows as well as cartoon shows and animated movies on the website that people of all ages can enjoy. One thing worth noting about this site, it doesn’t have a lot of ads which creates a decent user experience for you.

  1. MovieTube

MovieTube stands out in the list of the best platforms for movies and TV shows with its amazing user interface and the awesome streaming features that it has to offer. Although the site hosts pirated content illegally, the overall user experience comes off totally safe. This website is the perfect choice for people who are not used to of online streaming and are looking for a simple to use the site to kick things off.

  1. WatchFree

WatchFree is one of the best free streaming services that have been recommended by a huge base of users from all around the globe. We have seen many reddit reviews about this website and all are in the support of it. This is the reason why this website is the best alternative for sites like Fmovie in our opinion. We like the way this site has everything laid out for the users. The access to all the movies and TV shows here is extremely simple and interactive.

  1. MKV Movies Point

 The user interface of MKV Movies Point may not look as elegant as the other options that we have talked about here; it is still a great choice for streaming movies and TV shows. This website is for people who are into Bollywood movies. You will find Bollywood movies and reality shows here for free. This site doesn’t have Hollywood movies. If you want to watch Hollywood movies, you need to go to the other options that we have reviewed in this article.

  1. Vumoo

 Vumoo is a unique and amazing free streaming service that doesn’t come with a lot of ads. Although there are a few ads on the website, they don’t ruin your online streaming experience. The ads just stay on the side of the page and don’t come in your way, when you are watching movies online. We recommend Vumoo for people who are a bit conscious about their privacy.

  1. VexMovies

 VexMovies is a trending movies website that although is kind of new in the business, it offers excellent features that are not available in most free Movies websites. VexMovies takes the user experience to the next level with its friendly user interface and the massive collection of movies that it has to offer for its users. The layout of this website is one of a kind, in fact this is what makes this website stand out.

  1. IOMovies

IOMovies a popular alternative for Fmovie reddit fans. If you are looking for the same user experience as the original F Movies website, then you should check out the features that IOMovies has to offer. It has an easy to understand user interface and the overall build of the website makes it easier for the user to stream the shows of their choice. You get HD quality content here, shortly after it gets released publicly. You get a smooth streaming experience on IOMovies, with no buffering issues whatsoever.

  1. HD Popcorns

HP Popcorns is your perfect choice for binge watching your favourite movies series and TV shows. This website features an innovative user interface which is better and more interactive than most websites that you find out there. Plus, there is no need for registration or to go through weird authentications, for getting access to the library of movies that it has to offer.

  1. 123Movies

 123Movies is a famous illegal movies website that has a wide collection of pirated content for its users. Despite being an illegal movies website, 123movies still has a huge base of users who use its services every day. This website seems safe to use and there are no security risks reported with the use of this site. The user interfaces specifically the search features of the website are simply outstanding. It would be a great choice for online streaming novices who have never used online streaming services before.         

 Top Paid Fmovie Alternatives for Streaming Movies Online

No matter how great a free movies streaming service is, it is still unethical to use such websites because they are involved in the act of stealing someone else’s work. These sites host pirated content and streaming shows like this will fill you up with a sense of guilt.

And If you don’t want this to happen to you, then you need to go for the paid online streaming platforms. These websites have the rights to make movies and TV shows available for their audience. There won’t be any kind of legal risk associated with using the streaming services of these paid websites.

Below are some of the best paid websites for watching movies online that you can go to in 2021

  1. Netflix: Netflix is currently the world’s most popular paid online streaming service. It has a wide collection of Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries and so much more. The subscription fees for this site are affordable. You can choose from various packages as per your online streaming needs.


  1. Hulu: This platform is a popular American video on-demand service that offers paid content for all its users. We like this website because it can be used on mobile devices as well. The streaming experience of both the PC as well as the mobile version of this service is great in terms of ease of use.



  1. Amazon Prime Video: Amazon manages this Video on Demand service. It might not be as popular as the other options that we have talked about here, it has come a long way over the past few years. It has an amazing collection of movies and TV shows that you can check out, at a reasonable price.


  1. Vudu: Vudu is a famous paid online streaming service that comes with an interactive user interface. We like the features that this site has to offer. You get to search the shows that you want to watch, the streaming quality keeps adjusting itself automatically, to provide you with a seamless online streaming experience.


  1. Disney+: Disney+ is a subscription based streaming service that contains all your favourite Disney shows and movies. You get the good old Disney to feel when using this free online streaming service. The use of this website is simple for everyone. It contains the latest movies and TV shows, as well as all time Disney classics that create an awesome online streaming experience for you.

What is Fmovies?


Fmovies is an online streaming services that offers pirated content to its users. This is a free website that has a massive collection of free movies and TV shows that all the users of this website can stream here 24/7. This website comes with an impressive user interface and the overall navigation experience is simpler and interactive. The reason why this website is so popular for movies is because it is easy to use. Unlike most free online Movies websites, there are no complex user interface elements that you have to deal with. You can use the search bar on the site to do a lookup for the movie that you want to watch, and the website will bring the result to you. This website has a lot of ads. This is because all its content is free. Ads is the only way for the site to make some money. Being a free website for movies, all the content here is pirated. We don’t recommend going for it. Choose a paid service instead, which is a safe way of streaming movies online.

What happened to Fmovies?


Fmovies features free movies and TV shows for its users. This content is not actually free. All the shows are copyrighted, and the website is sharing them without the permission from actual creators of the show. Google and other search engines are strictly against copyrights violation. Their policies about this matter are quite clear. And if a service provides pirated content and the search engines find it out, they will instantly take the site down. This is what happened with the official Fmovies website. This website was taken down by Google because of piracy issues. The site went down for a few months, but it is back again with a different domain name. There are multiple mirrors for Fmovies download that you can go to for streaming movies and TV shows online for free. Using free streaming services like Fmovies is alway a risk because there is no guarantee when these sites might go down.

How to download movies from Fmovies?


Fmovies is an online movies streaming website, it doesn’t allow the direct download feature for movies and TV shows. But you can still do it, you’d need to use 3rd Part video downloaders for this purpose. The most popular software being used for downloading movies from Fmovies is the IDM (internet download manager) extension for Google Chrome. IDM is a paid software that can be downloaded from the official website of the IDM. Once you purchase this software, you’d need to install it on your PC and also get the IDM integration module extension from the Chrome Web Store. Install this extension on your web browser. Once you are done with the installation, every time you go to the Fmovies and select a movie to watch, the IDM would show a download button on the page. You can click on the button to start downloading the movies and TV shows from FMovies. There is no minimum usage limit for downloading movies and TV shows with IDM. You can use it for downloading as many movies as you want.

Why is Fmovies not working?


Fmovies is not working in many regions all around the globe. Being an illegal movies website, it has caught the eye of many internet services providers and they are blocking its access to create a safer online streaming experience for their users. If Fmovies is not working in your area, then it has most probably been blocked by your internet services provider. You won’t be able to use this website unless you get it unlocked from your ISP. You can use VPN services to get Fmovies unblocked. For regions where this website is blocked or its access has been restricted, using VPN is the best way you can bypass the restriction and use this online streaming services.

Is Fmovies safe?


Fmovies is relatively safer than most free online movies websites. It is still not the safest choice. This website for watching movies is free and makes money using paid advertisement. There are a lot of weird ads on this website that can mess up your streaming experience. Plus, you don’t know whether the ads that you are seeing are safe or not. You can end up clicking on an ad and it could take you to a phishing page that ends up stealing all your personal information. The bottom line is, Fmovies is not as safe as you’d think. You need to be careful when using this website for streaming. Although it offers the best HD streaming quality for free, it still is not a safe solution for watching free movies. You need to choose the paid online streaming services. These platforms make it sure that all your personal information remains safe and secure. You won’t have to worry about losing your sensitive information with paid websites for watching movies.

What is an alternative to Fmovies?


There are thousands of free online streaming services out there. There are multiple Fmovies alternatives that you can go to. Choosing paid Fmovies alternate sites over the free ones would be a better choice for you. We have reviewed the best Fmovies replacements in this article, that you can check out. Here are the best options that you can go to ● YoMovies ● BMovies ● GoStream ● PopcronFlix ● YifyMovies ● TubiTV ● MovieWatcher ● MovieTube ● WatchFree ● MKV Movies Point We have selected these websites based on the fact that how safe they are to use. These websites offer you the best user experience. All these websites offer pirated content. We don’t recommend going to these sites. Visit and use these websites for streaming at your own risk.

Is 123movies a legal site?


No, 123movies is not a legal site for watching movies. It is one of the most notorious illegal movies streaming websites in 2021. The use of this website is not recommended. You should check out its paid alternatives instead. This website comes with a lot of ads and automatic redirects. Even if you use this website for streaming movies online, you just won’t have a good user experience. There is a massive number of On-page ads that keep annoying you again and again. You can’t get rid of these ads because there is no such option available. In order to watch movies here, you’d have to bear the ads. There is no way going around it. This website has the biggest collection of illegal and pirated content that you can find out there. From latest 2021 movies and TV shows, to all time classic movies, you can find all these content here for free.

Is Fmovies safe reddit?


According to most users on reddit, Fmovies is a safe option for streaming movies and TV shows online. This claim is made by just some of the users. There are a lot of reports that claim that using Fmovies to, or any other free movies website is a massive mistake. This makes sense because nothing in this world is free. If you are not buying a product or a service, then you are the commodity. This is what online streaming services make use of. There is no telling what they might be doing with your personal information behind the scenes that you involuntarily give them, in exchange of the free streaming. This is obviously not good deal in our opinion. So, we’d suggest that you avoid going to Fmovies and choose its paid alternatives instead.

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