Best 123movies Alternative Websites for Watching Free Hd Movies


123movies is a free illegal website for streaming movies and TV shows online in HD quality. This website features a massive collection of latest movies and trending TV shows that people can stream here, without any kind of fees or hidden charges. This website has made access to the latest movies, easier than ever. 

Although there are a lot of free streaming services out there, that are offering pirated content, the user experience of this site is simply amazing. It is one of the best free sites where you can find all the movies and TV shows of your choice, as soon as they are released publicly.

Let’s dig in a little deeper and learn more about this illegal movies streaming website 

123movies – Illegal Website for Watching Hd Movies for Free

When it comes to streaming movies online, choosing free websites might not be the safest option, but it is the only way you can get access to a huge collection of movies and TV shows for free. You get to watch the same shows for free that you’d be paying a lot of money for streaming if you choose a paid streaming service like Netflix. Of course, this free access comes with a risk of legal action against you in case you are caught streaming pirated content.

123movies is the most popular option for streaming movies and TV shows illegally online for free. This site hosts a massive collection of pirated content that can be streamed on this site 24/7. 

The streaming features of the site are aimed towards one thing, to enhance the streaming experience for people watching the movies on this website. This website features a wide collection of shows for kids, teenagers as well as adults. From movies, to TV series as well as animated movies and cartoons for kids, this site has content for people of all age groups. 

The user experience of this site is the primary reason why people all over the world recommend it. It features a modular user interface where all the content is divided into different categories. The users of this website can scroll through the categories or use the search features to find the movies and TV shows that they want to watch. 

Being a free movies and TV shows content provider, this website features a lot of ads and automatic redirects. The number and frequency of ads can get quite annoying at times, which makes for a bad user experience. But aside from that, the website is quite simple to navigate and is quite great for streaming HD movies.       

What Happened to 123movies?

Since this website features pirated content, it was taken down a few months back because of copyrights violation. The users of 123movies website could not find it anywhere on the search engines and it was thought of to be dead. 

Google has been taking serious action against streaming services that are hosting pirated content. Search engines are strictly observing all streaming services and finding and eliminating the ones that are offering content without authorization or permission from the original content creators. This is the reason why 123 Movies was taken down.      

123movies New Site Name

Although this streaming service was taken down a few months back, it is live again but under a different domain name. The popularity of this illegal movies streaming website is the reason why it is back again under a new site name. 

You can access this website and all its features by visiting the domain name

This domain holds the latest version of the website that offers the same features and user experience as the original website. It is the 123movies unblocked site. Once you visit the website, you’d be able to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows here for free. The user interface and the design features are quite like the original website design.      

If you can’t access this website in your region, you are going to need a VPN or web proxy service. You can use a VPN to get access to this website from anywhere in the entire world. Again, since it is an illegal website for streaming movies and TV shows, use this website at your own risk. 

What Are the Movies Illegally Leaked by 123movies?

123movies illegally leaks the movies and TV shows and presents it to its users. You can find almost all the latest movies here, shortly after they get released. The previous version of the website was taken down because of this illegal release of movies. But since it is live now, the site is again offering pirated content. 

Here are some of the movies that are being illegally released on this site

Pirated Content – Everything You Need to Know

Pirated Content is any form of content that is being used without authorization from the original content creator. No matter whether it is movies, TV shows or even books, once a content provider makes something publicly available without permission from the owner or creator of the content, it comes under piracy.

Piracy has serious legal impactions. It is against the law to use pirated content. Free streaming services are the biggest source of pirated content. These websites get movies and TV shows from different sources and make them available for their users. 

Google is strictly against pirating content. This is the main reason why Google is shutting down all the sites that are involved in piracy. 

Pirating content is unethical. It is the stealing of someone else’s work, which is morally wrong. Piracy is punishable by law. And if a person is caught using pirated content, serious legal actions are taken against them.

We highly encourage you to support the original content and subscribe to legal services for streaming the movies and TV shows. Although the legal streaming services are going to cost you some money, but it is worth the mental satisfaction.              

123 Movies Alternative Websites

Now that you know the legal and moral implications of using free streaming services like watch 123movies, it is about time you start looking for the paid alternatives that you can use instead. 

There is a plethora of paid streaming websites that you can find out there. Some of these website even have mobile apps which take the user experience to a whole new level. And the biggest benefit of paid streaming services is, these websites host the latest content in HD quality, as soon as it is released. Paid websites buy the content from the creators and use it with their permission. So, there won’t be any kind of legal implications for watching shows using the paid streaming services. 

Best 123movie Alternative Websites for Watching Movies
  1. Netflix 
  2. Hulu 
  3. Disney 
  4. Fubo TV 
  5. YouTube TV 
  6. HBO Max
  7. Curiosity Stream 
  8. CBS All Access 
  9. Sling TV 
  10. BritBox 
  11. ShowTime 
  12. PlutoTV
  13. Tubi 
  14. Peacock 
  15. Vudu 
  16. VRV
  17. DIRECTV Now 
  18. Amazon Prime Video 
  19. Vimeo 
  20. Philo


Is 123movies Legal?

123movies is an illegal website for streaming movies and TV shows online. This site provides pirated content to its users, without authorization. They make content publicly available for their audience without permission from the people who have the original rights to the content. This comes under piracy and is strictly punishable.

This website is not legal, and this is the reason why search engines shut it down.
Although 123 free Movies is back again under a different domain name, the website is still illegal to use and all the content on the website is pirated. We don’t recommend using this website for streaming movies and TV shows online. We encourage you to use legal streaming means like paid website to stream your favorite shows. 

There are a lot of websites that provide access to paid movies and TV shows through legal means. You can try out these platforms and use them to stream the shows of your choice. The paid platforms for movies and TV shows get updated regularly and some of these sites even have mobile apps that can download legally from the Google Play Store. Instead of using illegal streaming services, support the paid ones and watch your favorite shows on these services, without any kind of worries.

Is It Safe to Download From 123movies?

123movies is a popular name in the world of movies streaming websites when it comes to streaming or downloading the shows of your choice. But this website doesn’t allow direct downloading of movies. You are going to need a 3rd Party video downloader app for downloading the movies from this website. 

The use of 3rd Party downloading web apps is not recommended at all. Most of these tools contain viruses and malware that can invade your privacy and prove to be a massive threat for your personal information. Using these kind of tools for downloading movies can cost you a lot in the long run. 

This streaming website itself contains a lot of ads and popups. When you accidently click on these ads, you might get redirected to a website that contains malicious code. The viruses on these sites can attack your computer system and steal your personal information. So, all in all, this site is not safe to use. The only safe way to download or streaming movies online is through using legal means of streaming and downloading content. You can buy your favorite shows in the form of a DVD if you want permanent access to the shows that you like and want to re watch.

Is 123movies Virus Free?

This site is not safe to use and can contain virus that can invade your privacy. This is not the case with just this website. Most of the free streaming services for movies and TV shows contain a lot of ads and weird redirects. These ads can direct you to a platform that is not safe for you. You need to be aware of such platforms and avoid them at all costs. 

Although you can use an adblocker to get rid of the ads, but still you won’t be completely safe from viruses and malware. Free movies streaming sites like 123movies are not recommended because there is no legal standing of these websites. These sites offer pirated content. And since there are already involve in the act of stealing through privacy, who knows what else these websites are capable of?

So, the wise decision would be to stay away from these websites as much as you can. We haven’t seen a real time proof or a report of the virus attacks with 123 movies website, but there is always a certain kind of risk associated with using free streaming services. This website might seem alright at first, but we are not completely certain that the site is virus free.

Where Can I Watch Free Movies Like 123movies?

Free movies streaming websites are just a simple online search away. The industry offering free content is blooming these days. Although Google is taking strict action against these websites, we are not sure whether it is working or not.

Because there are still dozens of free movies websites where the users can watch free movies online. These websites offer Hollywood movies as well as Bollywood and South India movies for their users.  Here are some of the most popular websites for streaming movies illegally online.

1- Putlockers 
2- Moviesda
3- Movierulz 
4- TamilRockers
5- FMovies 
6- 5Movies

These websites are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many websites like these that you can find out there. The increasing number of free streaming websites offering pirated content is quite alarming. The authorities are trying their best to minimize and eradicate piracy as much as they can. And for that, there have been strict laws set in place to stop the distribution of pirated content. So, if you want to support the original content and help in the fight against piracy, then we encourage you to go for legal means for streaming movies and TV shows online.

What Is the Original 123movies Website?

123movies website is one of the biggest online platforms for illegal streaming of movies and TV shows. It is a free website that hosts pirated content for its audience that they can stream using this website. This website has been a topic of controversy for many years now. This is because although the site is clearly illegal and promotes pirated content, still its fanbase is getting bigger every day. Google has taken this website down many times, but it comes back up again and keeps offering its services.

Even now, the website is live, and it is possible that it might get shut down again soon. Aside from the fact that this site is illegal, the number of shows on this site is amazing. You can get all the latest movies and TV shows releases here, shortly after they get released. There have been many clone sites made for this website over the years, but the original site is also active and working properly. The website features a simple user interface. There are a lot of ads on this website that greatly affect your user experience when streaming the shows of your choice. You can check this website out if you want quick free access to your favorite shows.

Can You Get Hacked From 123movies?

There have been no such reports being made against 123movies. But considering how most free movie streaming services operate, it is quite possible that there might be malicious intent associated with the services of this website. And since the use of free streaming services has become so common, most people don’t think about getting hacked. But is quite possible. 

Even if you consider this website to be safe to use, the ads and redirects on this website are certainly not safe. These ads redirect you to weird pages and you get alerts from Google that someone is trying to hack into your computer system. Trust these alerts and get out of these sites at once. The bottom line is, you can indeed get hacked if you use this site or any other free streaming services for that matter. 

Paid websites for streaming movies and TV shows online don’t have such ads and they offer you a safe and smooth environment for streaming the shows of your choice. Therefore, we recommend that you don’t go to free websites that offer you pirated content through illegal means. Using pirated content can put in a lot of trouble because it has serious legal implications.

Will I Get Arrested or Be Fined for Illegally Downloading a Movie?

According to the piracy law in India, the acquiring and distribution of content without authorization is a punishable crime. People who leak paid content and make it available for the general public are answerable in front of a court for their actions. Piracy is the direct stealing of a person’s intellectual property and the authorities have a strict policy against the people who are involved in such acts. 

And now that there is a piracy law being introduced in India, people who leak content, and the people who distribute it, even the people who download the pirated content would be held responsible for their actions. There are a fine and certain jail time punishment for people involved in the illegal download of a movie.    

So, if a person is caught leaking or using the copyrighted work, they would get arrested and sent to jail. There are also going to need to pay fines to the government. The current punishment for copyright infringement includes 6 months to 3 years jail term with fine ranging from ₹50,000 to ₹200,000 depending on the extent to which the pirated content is leaked.


We do not encourage or support the use of pirated content in any way. Piracy is a crime ever since the piracy act of 1957. We are explaining this information in detail so that you can be aware of the consequences of distribution and use of pirated content. So, be careful and report people who you find to be involved in this act.  

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