10 best Malaysian places to visit

10 best Malaysian places to visit

Malaysia is a country that mixes different cultures, cuisines, customs, and religions which live happily together. The ground, the rainforest, and the high mountains are fertile. The country ranks high on the tourists’ bucket list because tourists have a lot to give. Many wonderful things can be experienced and seen. This location is made for all forms of travelers by the stunning islands, skyscrapers, heritage sites, and adventure spots. If you go to this place to relax or to enjoy nature, you can have fun by visiting tourist places in Malaysia.

If you intend to visit Malaysia soon, add these tourist places in Malaysia to the list of places you are searching for. The best vacation is promised.

10 locations without a second thought to visit in Malaysia:

Langkawi Island

The island is one of Malaysia’s tourist destinations. On this island, the repeat visitors will discover the endless views of the sandy beaches and blue waters. This is also a perfect destination for visiting tropical seabeds. Many visitors flock to this place to admire tranquility and elegance. By joining the cable car trip you will enjoy the entire view of the island. Adults and children will sit in the car. The beach is renowned for being comfortable and rejuvenated. If you had a busy year, spending a good time with your family here would help you relax.

Langkawi Island has an international airport, which is well-linked with other cities in Malaysia and many other countries around the world and draws a number of visitors around the world with the natural beauty of the island. This makes it incredibly easy to get to Langkawi. However, you can also choose a choice to make your journey easier with InterMiles, along with the easiest way to reach Langkawi.


During your tourist tour of Malaysia, you should never skip visiting Penang. It is situated on Malaysia’s peninsular north-west coast. The destination has plenty to enjoy and enjoy with the family. Penang has a wonderful food museum, reclining Buddha, Rainbow road, the Burmese temple, and the waterfront village to be explored. You should immerse yourself in spirituality while you enjoy the wonderful stuff. It’s a celestial spot for visitors wishing a short holiday.

Pangkor Island

If you just want a place to calm and relax, then this island is the right place and one of Malaysia’s most popular destinations. The mix of beauty and serenity is safe. It is Malaysia’s most important tourist attractions. This little island is surrounded by a thick forest. You should listen to the music of the chirping birds and enjoy sunbathing under your palms. There’s no other soul around your eyes, you never feel. Nature lovers will enjoy the lush greenery all around. Pangkor Island is the perfect place to spend your time in the lap of nature, amongst the best places to explore in Malaysia.


It is one of Malaysia’s best places to visit which adventure lovers can enjoy totally. You can snorkel and dive and observe various marine organisms from a distance. It is renowned for being the best tourist destination in all of Malaysia and a favorite place for snorkelers and divers who fly from the city to the island. Sea horses and stingrays will be greeted by divers from all over the world.

Cameron Highlands

This is one of Malaysia’s places to visit. It is hidden by a greenery blanket. There are waterfalls, tea plantations, strawberry farms, and vergers. There are waterfalls here. Many people visit it to enjoy the green and cool climate on the hill in Malaysia.

Alor Setar

It’s a place to explore in Malaysia. It’s called Malaysia’s Rice Bowl. Along with the rolling hills, the paddy fields are a feast to see your eyes for hours. The Malay culture in the city with numerous galleries, architectures, and beaches can be encountered. This location is visited by local and foreign visitors.

Aquaria KLCC

One of the places to visit in Malaysia is a huge aquarium. For children and adults, it is a visual experience to enjoy seeing various species of marine animals from surrounding areas. In the center of species, you can walk and get lost in the aquatic environment. Different marine animals like arapaimas, garfish, clumps, sea horses, sharks, and colorful fish can also be observed. When you are in Malaysia, you must never miss this one.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

One of Malaysia’s Bird Parks, divided into four areas in which birds fly and enjoy their life within natural habitats, are given two zones, i.e. area 1 and zone 2. It is a visual treat for the people who are watching colorful birds, which elsewhere are difficult to locate. You can see the Hornbill Park in zone 3, and zone 4 consists of cages with various kinds of birds caged.

PETRONAS Twin Towers

It’s one of Malaysia’s tourist destinations. It is an iconic skyscraper in Malaysia, renowned for its rich culture. The two towers are from separate IT firms. Tower 1 is for PETRONAS alone and Tower 2 has the largest IT firms.

Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

By taking a boat trip you will visit the Langkawi Islands. It is one of Malaysia’s best places for a tour where the beauty of mangroves is incredible. Many people visit this place annually to learn about the creation of Calvary, to swim in the river, and to witness the musical sounds created by birds chirping. Around this park are many medicinal plants.

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